Western Circle

The intervention on the first day.

The Western Circle consists of 100 unfired clay vases. The temporal artwork was situated in Aalto University’s Alvar Aalto campus park in Espoo.

The intervention created a space dividing element into the open park and it enclosed the hub, the crossing of all the pedestrian ways. The bypassers and the other actors of the place were inevitably in dialogue with the intervention. It asked them to react to a change in mundane and interference on their daily route. I intended to provoke people’s thinking about the unpredictable: Is this an obstacle or an opportunity?

I build my public interventions from unfired clay, which is fragile but also unharmful for the environment. In Western Circle I produced the vases by using slip casting which is a technique for the mass-production of pottery.

The circle shape is reminds of the places genius loci, the nature sciences spirit in the campus. A circle indicates to the spirituality and religious systems. A circle encloses things in and out, and it can be a circle of insiders.

The intervention on the second day.