Twenty Brave Canaries

I made Twenty Brave Canaries in Athens in June 2018. The intervention was situated on the main building of the Athens Polytechnic. It was built from unfired clay elements. I set the installation on Sunday noon and it lasted until the next morning.

The Athens Polytechnic.
The clay birds waiting for to be installed.
The clay birds were situated on the banister. The Polytechnic has very lively yard and it is popular place for students and dog walkers to hang out. 
The intervention after the assembling.
The clay birds in the afternoon sun.

The artwork discusses the pet culture and pet shops. The canaries and budgerigars have long history as companion birds. The canaries are popular pets because of their delightful singing. The bird may end spending its whole life in a pet shop in a too small cage and the room can be very restless during the business hours*. The defective care and living circumstances can lead to abnormalities and stress symptoms like obsessive-compulsive disorders. The birds have feelings like humans**. 

The intervention at the Sunday evening.
The Sunday evening.
The intervention at 9 am on the next morning.

*Peta: What’s wrong with keeping birds in cages?,, taken 13.2.2019.

** Sosiaalinen papukaija on kehittynyt elämään lajitoverin kanssa,, taken 13.2.2019.