Western Circle

Ti221116_web.jpgThe intervention on the first day.

The Western Circle is a social intervention in Otaniemi, Alvar Aalto park, Espoo. 2016. The intervention consists of one hundred blue clay vases, installed in a form of a circle. It is a continuum for the LITTLE POT EXHIBITION. In the both projects the clay objects were produced by using the small scale production techniques used in ceramics studios. The installation utilize the volume of tens of components. The clay objects are left unfired, which makes them fragile but also unharmful for nature.

In my interventions I choose places, that are active public spaces with a lot of movement and crossing. The people, the nature and the other actors of the place are inevitably in dialogue with the intervention. I observe what happens to it. Via Western Circle I intended to provoke bypassers thoughts about art and reacting to art: Is this installation in my way or is it an opportunity to take part in art?