Underwater Lifeforms

Caramba, 2020. Glazed ceramics.

Glazed, 2020. Wood fired ceramics.

Unnamed, unarmed, 2020. Wood fired ceramics.

Tuhkaturkki (Ash fur), 2019. Glazed ceramics, wood fired in anagama kiln. In private collection.

Homage to Rugosa I & II, 2020. Glazed ceramics.

Royal Family, 2020. Stoneware, engobe, glaze.

Colony 2018. Stoneware, glaze. In private collection.

Kynnet (Nails), 2020. Stoneware, engobe, oxide, glaze.

Caribbean Red, 2018. Stoneware, engobe, paint. In The Finnish State Art Collection (2019).

Sydänhirviö (Heart Beast), 2020. Stoneware, engobe, glaze, oxide.

Piilo (Hideout), 2020. Stoneware, glaze.

Levä I (Seaweed I), 2018. Stoneware, engobe, glaze. In private collection. 

Family Mycedium, 2020. Stoneware, engobe, glaze.

Sea Snake, the Greatest, 2018. Stoneware, porcelain, engobe, glaze, paint. 

Yhteenkasvaneet (Colony), 2019. Stoneware, glaze.

Sininen sormikoralli hengaa järkälekorallin kanssa (Blue finger coral hanging with the boulder coral), 2019. Porcelain, glaze. Available in Taidelainaamo: http://www.taidelainaamo.fi/public/go.php?action=works&filter=artist_id%3D24097

Rakkohauru (Bladder Wrack), 2019. Porcelain, oxide, glaze.

Merilevä (Seaweed), 2019. Porcelain, oxide, glaze.

The sculptures arise from the artistic investigation of the endangered or extinct animals of the coral reefs. The underwater life is a world that human can only observe as an outsider. It is another reality with its beings, societies and events.

At some point the sculptures began to grow their own world, using elements from the artist’s dreams, tempers and longing. Longing behind the mirror, over the edge, to the unknown reality. The dream of tearing oneself away from the world of concepts and words. To dive under the water surface, to meet with the others alike and to become-with again.