Underwater Lifeforms

Through the sculptures themed Underwater Lifeforms, I present my studies and imaginations about underwater communities like coral reefs. The underwater life is a world that human can only observe as an outsider. It is another reality with its beings, societies and events. I want to raise the thoughts of the structures of othering and the need to create otherness.

When I was a little girl I had an aquarium. I read about the fishes’ natural habitats and watched the documents about coral reefs. I watched the fishes and tried to guess their thoughts. I dreamed of being a fish in the reef. This surreal longing toward lives in another realities and dimensions have stayed in me. The sculptures are twofold as they comprehend perceptions of the real species and the artist’s dreams and tempers.

The first works under this theme were completed at the beginning of 2018 and were exhibited in May 2018 in Haave – Mountains and Seas together with Mari Paikkari in Helsinki. After that I have held two solo shows: The Reef, Oct-Nov 2018 in Helsinki and Five Underwater Lifeforms And My Inner Mind, Jan 2019 in Espoo.

Colony, 2018. Stoneware, glaze.

Caribbean Red, 2018. Stoneware, engobe, paint. In The Finnish State Art Collection (2019).

Kingdom: Animalia, 2018. 3-part work. Stoneware, engobe, glaze.

Levä I (Seaweed I), 2018. Stoneware, engobe, glaze.

Sea Snake, the Greatest, 2018. Stoneware, porcelain, engobe, glaze, paint.

Turbinaria, 2018. Stoneware, engobe, glaze.