My work often deal with animals, human-animal relationships and the habitats. The childhood experiences in the countryside and the memories in contact with other animals have brought the non-human to the interest in my artistic practice. Experimenting, inquiring and intuitive proceeding are the central mode in my approach. I wish to gently guide the viewer to contemplate oneself and the world she shares with others.

At the moment I study the coral reef communities and underwater life through sculpture. In sculpture my main medium is ceramics. Along with sculpture I explore different worlds, livings and realities by using site-specific, public interventions. The art interventions are temporal and they consist of unfired, decaying clay objects. My subjects in the interventions have shifted from a shared place to humans, pigeons and cats.

I live in Helsinki, and I currently study in the masters programme in Visual Culture, Curating and Contemporary Art in Aalto University.

Please feel free to contact me by email: siina.levonoja (@) gmail.com

You find me in Instagram by @siinalevonoja

In the picture above: LITTLE POT EXHBITION, 2016.